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Wild Chokecherry Gift Basket
Wild Chokecherry Gift Basket

Montana Homesteader families will really enjoy this gift basket! This Wild Chokecherry Gift Basket is a sampler of Eastern Montana favorites! That old fashioned berry which is so bitter until sweetened is still the local favorite, in spite of the dangers of harvesting the little berries! Poison Ivy and rattlesnakes seem to favor the bushes as much as humans do! For your ordering pleasure, we place it in a wonderful Montana made Enduring Pines wooden crate that is useable for years to come, heap it with red and green fill for the holidays, then heap the basket with Wild Chokecherry products! This one makes everyone smile with fond memories of Montana!


  • Wild Chokecherry Syrup
  • Wild Chokecherry Jelly
  • Wild Chokecherry Vinaigrette dressing
  • Wild Chokecherry Jelly Beans
  • Wild Chokecherry White Chocolate Bark
  • Wild Chokecherry Honey
  • Decorative Tin filled with Wild Chokecherry Tea Bags
  • Top it all off with assorted Montana Berry Taffies!

Items – 6 without crate and candy


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Chokecherry Treats
Wild Chokecherry Treats

Yes, we love chokecherry too! We grew up picking the berries, avoiding the poison ivy and rattlesnakes, but looking forward to the scents when the chokecherries were cooked down into syrups and jellies. We get asked for chokecherry treats, so we gathered a few best sellers and offer them here! (Kathy likes to add the honey to her tea and on top of the flapjacks for an intense chokecherry experience for her guests.)


  • Montana Bounty Foods BBQ sauce
  • Chokecherry Honey Bear
  • Chokecherry Almond Flapjack Mix
  • Chokecherry Tea
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Wild Huckleberry Gift Basket
Wild Huckleberry Gift Basket

For a unique taste in Montana food, this Wild Huckleberry Gift Basket is a sampler of our favorites! This highly sought after berry is desired by two legged critters and especially big old grizzly bears! For your ordering pleasure, we place the items in a wonderful handmade in Montana Enduring Pines crate that is so functional later. We nestle the products in royal purple fill then heap the basket with Wild Huckleberry products.


  • Wild Huckleberry Syrup
  • Wild Huckleberry Jelly
  • Wild Huckleberry Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Wild Huckleberry Jelly Beans
  • Wild Huckleberry White Chocolate Bark
  • Wild Huckleberry Honey
  • Wild Huckleberry Coffee
  • Two special Montana Wild Huckleberry packets with four Tea Bags each
  • It's all topped off with Wild Huckleberry candies! Hey, the only way this gets better is eating it under the Big Sky!

Items 9 without crate and candy.

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