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Backyard Chef XL Plus

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Time for Meat! Time for BBQ! And, what better than a Made in Montana Assortment to please your guests? Two flasks of our Terry Montana Badlands BBQ sauce, Roasted Garlic and rum, or Bourbon are great toppers to any meat or wild game. Our Deep Pit Seasoning is fabulous on wild game, fish, poultry, pork, beef, eggs – really any protein including tofu! We include the Buffalo Dip Recipe that is an internationally awarded dip, Rocky Mountain Gold Dust is a tasty steak and meat seasoning, the Montana Grasslands Mixes Stone Trapper fry bread mix that’s even good as cold leftovers if there are any left from dinner, and Alpine Touch Pepper Blend for extra flavor that works well on vegetables too. Terry Montana’s own Wool Wax Cream, made on a local Terry Montana ranch will help protect you from the elements or prevent chapped hands from all that washing up the tools later! Cowboy Bubble Bath and instructions will make you smile, and the two Caramel Cookie Waffles will keep the hunger at bay as you grill. All these Montana treasure are sprinkled with Wild Huckleberry candies. For the new Backyard Chef, we include a handmade feedsack apron and the recipe book Cooking Backwoods to Backyards – a Montana recipe book with instructions for several Montana favorite recipes.


  • Two flasks of Montana BBQ sauce
  • three different Montana Seasonings
  • Montana Grasslands Stone Trapper fry bread
  • Montana Wool Wax Cream and Cowboy Bubble bath
  • two Caramel Cookie Waffles
  • Book of Montana cooking techniques and recipes
  • Montana made feed sack apron
  • Top it all off with assorted Montana Berry Taffies in a handmade crate!

Items – 12 without crate and candy


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