Evelyn Cameron DVD
Evelyn Cameron: Pictures from a Worthy Life

A history of Eastern Montana and the Kalfell Ranch. Join author Michael Bugenstein as he chronicles the challenges and rewards of ranching on Eastern Montana’s open range, the trials and heartbreak of the Homestead Era, and life on the Kalfell Ranch (established in 1882) near Terry. From the days of the unfenced prairie to the construction of Fort Peck Dam, Bugenstein captures the grit and determination of the people who settled this wide-open land.


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Backscratcher & Spool
Hand-painted Spool & Scratcher

These hand painted Montana Back Scratchers are beautiful, functional and fun art! Local artist Bep Schwind, (aka The Bone Lady) prepares the bones of disease-free deceased animals (natural causes) and hand paints western scenes from her experiences and eastern Montana scenery on one side. The artwork is awesome, however the real treasure is the hand painted old time used wooden spools she finds!


  • one hand-painted Back Scratcher
  • one hand-painted Wooden Spool

Each one is unique and worth much more than the bones, but hey, you asked for good deals, right!?!

We also have other hand painted artwork available from Bep Schwind – wall art made from used hand saws and wall hangings made from used sickle teeth, old time ranchers will remember these! For those who wish a Montana Mobile home, we have pictures of sheep wagons! Currently low on stock-please call the store for what is on hand! 406-635-4042

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It's a Guy Thing
It’s a Guy Thing!

Montana snacks for strength, then start the bbq! Perfect gift for just because or happy holidays!


  • 1 – Cream of the West Granola
  • 1 – Chalet Market Elk Sausage
  • 1 – Chalet Market Honey Mustard
  • 1 – Deep Pit Grilling Planks with Deep Pit Seasoning
  • 1 – package of crackers
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Kid in a Candy Store Gift Basket
Kid in a Candy Store

No matter the age of your candy lover will find lots of Montana tasty treats to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Into a beautiful, handmade, one-of-a kind cloth bag created by Lynnette here at the store, we place a little over one pound of individually wrapped Montana Candies.

Included MT Candies:

  • Caramel Nougats with Wild Huckleberry Centers or assorted Bequest Caramels
  • Wild Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy
  • Wild Huckleberry Hard Disks
  • A couple Alpine Valley Kitchens handmade Maple Nuts
  • A couple Wild Huckleberry Fudge! YUM!!

(Hint – If Jesse likes blue, Bev loves pink, or if you would prefer a seasonal bag, mention it in the comments when you order)

Items – sacks with individual wrapped pieces-15 taffy, 20 starlites, 18 caramels, 2 maple nut, 2 huckleberry fudge.

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Gourmet Gift Basket
Montana Gourmet Gift Basket

Montana Gourmet Assortment – for a taste of mouthwatering Montana food! This Montana Gourmet food gift basket arrangement is packed to the brim with Montana products that reflect true Montana tastes. Items are packed nicely in an Enduring Pines wooden crate.


  • Wild Huckleberry Honey – great for sweetening your tea, toast, or the package of Wild Huckleberry pancakes that is included
  • Deep Pit Seasoning – with the famous international award winning recipe for Buffalo Dip
  • Snowy Mountain ground coffee beans
  • Wild Huckleberry, Wild Chokecherry Tea bag packets
  • Terry Badlands BBQ sauce
  • Your selection of dressing/dip mix (see options below)
  • Terry Montana's own Wool Wax creme (2 oz.)
  • Topped off with a sprinkle of Wild Huckleberry Starlite candy!


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Montana Meats

Montana folks like meats! Here is a great selection of Montana Made meat hunger busters, twelve products from Montana in a holiday themed gift basket. There are Original and Teriyaki Beef full muscle Jerky from Madison Smokehouse, from Chalet Market there are Elk Jalapeno Cheddar Sticks,Smoked Elk Sticks, Buffalo Sticks and Mountain Beef Sausage,Bison Bites with are gluten and sugar free plus Wild Sky Grass Fed Beef Jerky teriyaki, barbecue, peppered and original (these five jerky are gluten-free!) -all are mmm, good! Great for carnivores and those who are on low carb diets. Wild Sky supports wild life friendly ranching, therefore all these Montana Meats are awesome!


  • Montana Bison Bites (bison jerky)
  • Montana Madison Smokehouse (original and teriyaki jerky)
  • Chalet Market (elk and buffalo meats)
  • Mountain Sausage beef
  • Wild Sky original, peppered, bbq and teriyaki gluten free jerky
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Gem Jewelry
Montana State Gem Jewelry

Montana Agate and Montana Sapphire are our state gems, and we have beautiful jewelry in both kinds. It has always been a mystery to lay minds just how these peculiar little scenes and moss spots were caused by infinitely minute seams and fissures in the softer part of the rock being filled with metallic oxides when the world was young. These oxides make four distinct colors that form various combinations when blended together, or only appear in singe colors in one rock. Local artists who use agate harvested from the nearby Yellowstone River produced the agate artwork purchased from Prairie Unique-Terry MT. We will post singles in the future, as these are absolutely one of a kind, no two alike. For now, you may call and we can email you pictures of individual items.

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Montana Sunrise gift basket
Montana Sunrise

Montana Sunrise – Wake up any morning to a special Montana experience! Prepare the Montana Grassland Sweet Bannock Bread mix-(Pats horses posed for the logo, bannock bread is quick treat) or the Wild Huckleberry flapjacks with a jar of Wild Huckleberry apple butter or huckleberry jam thats included or serve both with the Wild Huckleberry honey in a bear thats even good to sweeten the Wild Chokecherry tea bags included also, or make the wild Huckleberry scones serve them with the enclosed packets of Wild Huckleberry tea bags, Wild Huckleberry Hot Chocolate, While Huckleberry white chocolate that turns purple when the water is added, or the Wild Huckleberry coffee-truly a fun Montana Morning! You can use the handmade wooden crate by Enduring Pines to store leaves you picked up on your after breakfast walk. This Montana Gourmet food gift basket arrangement is packed to the brim with Montana products that reflect true Montana tastes. Items are packed nicely in an Enduring Pines wooden crate.


  • Wild Huckleberry Honey Bear – great for sweetening your tea, toast, or the package of Wild Huckleberry pancakes that is included
  • Wild Huckleberry Milk Chocolate cocoa,and Wild Huckleberry White Chocolate cocoa
  • Wild Huckleberry ground coffee beans
  • Wild Huckleberry, Wild Chokecherry Tea bag packets
  • Montana Grasslands Bannock Bread mix
  • Wild Huckleberry scones
  • Wild Huckleberry Flapjacks and Wild Huckleberry apple butter or jam
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Windrift Hill Skin Care
Natural Goat Milk Skin Care Collection by Windrift Hill

Under fresh Montana skies the Windrift Hill family raises Nubian goats that are hand milked twice daily. Goat milk hydrates and restores balance to the skin. These soaps, lotions and butters are a little slice of Montana’s wholesome family goodness.


  • Wild Huckleberry soap
  • Wild Huckleberry lotion, which absorbs quickly, making it ideal for moisturizing and for use under makeup
  • Citrus Sun body butter that replenishes and is perfect for dry cracked feet and hands
  • Bonus: Handcrafted crochet cloth of 100 percent cotton


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Philip Aaberg
Philip Aaberg, Pianist: Collection of 3 CDs

Philip Aaberg, Montana's famous pianist and Grammy award nominee. We have most of his cd's at the store, from classical to blues to Christmas. We have put together a terrific small collection for your enjoyment…


Album: Live From Montana – Listen to the first song “High Plains” > “High Plains” via YouTube
Album: Blue West – Listen to the first song “Keep Walkin'” > “Keep Walkin'” via YouTube
Album: High Plains Christmas – Listen to the first song “The Wassail Song” > “The Wassail Song” via YouTube
“Cabin Waltz” is on this album, and it happens to be Kathy's favorite! It was written in a cabin at Lolo Pass.

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Montana Posse Gift Basket
Posse Gift Basket

Want to reward your posse? This Made in Montana Gift Basket has lots of delicious goodies for about 10 people to enjoy. It includes a box of Chocolate River Rocks with a few chocolate fish “swimming” among the rocks, ten caramel cookie waffles (caramel between two thin cinnamon cookies-stroopnudels) or ten Wild Huckleberry sticks, one pound of Chuck and James soft and chewy granola (healthy but yummy), ten individually wrapped richly flavored creamy Bequest assorted caramels or Alpine Valley Kitchens Maple nut or Huckleberry fudge, a sack of wild Huckleberry jelly beans, Montana Espresso beans, Wild Huckleberry ground coffee, Wild Huckleberry and Wild Chokecherry tea bags, two bags of Chalet Market of Belgrade Montana savory Elk and Wild Huckleberry Buffalo sticks which will satisfy all this meat cravings, Kracklin Kamut packs of high protein ancient grains roasted with Salt Lake City sea salt. The entire basket is sprinkled with Montana individually wrapped candies. This comes in the handmade Montana Enduring Pines crate which is reusable for years to come.



  • Wild Chokecherry and Huckleberry teas and coffee
  • Kracklin Kamut ancient grain snacks
  • one pound Chuck and James granola
  • Caramel cookie waffles or Wild Huckleberry sticks
  • Bequet Caramels or Alpine Valley Kitchens fudge
  • Elk and Wild Huckleberry Buffalo Sticks
  • Wild Huckleberry jelly beans and espresso beans
  • a box of Chocolate River Rocks and Top it all off with assorted Montana Berry Taffies!

Items – 14 without crate and assorted individual candy


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Savory Montana Gift Basket
Savory Montana Gift Collection

Montana Spices, Elk or Buffalo Meat, Snacks, and Scenery – Give as a token of friendship or as a reward or for absolutely no reason at all!


  • 2 Big Sky Pantry Grilling Planks with recipes and Deep Pit Seasoning
  • 1 Rocky Mountain Gold Dust or Alpine Touch steak and meat seasoning
  • 1 Chalet Market of Montana Wild Huckleberry Buffalo or Elk sticks
  • 1 beautiful Prairie County Montana Terry Badlands note card
  • 1 Little Red Wagon Espresso Rub – homemade. full-flavored meat rub

No crate or candy – items 5


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