Bad Land
“Bad Land: An American Romance” by Jonathan Raban

Jonathan Raban’s highly acclaimed book “Bad Land: An American Romance” is the result of his visits to the area. Towns like Ismay, Calypso and Mildred join with tales of the local farmers and ranchers in the Terry area.

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A New York Times Editors’ Choice for Book of the Year
Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award
Winner of the PEN West Creative Nonfiction Award

“No one has evoked with greater power the marriage of land and sky that gives this country both its beauty and its terror. ”
–Washington Post Book World

In 1909 maps still identified eastern Montana as the Great American Desert. But in that year Congress, lobbied heavily by railroad companies, offered 320-acre tracts of land to anyone bold or foolish enough to stake a claim to them. Drawn by shamelessly inventive brochures, countless homesteaders–many of them immigrants–went west to make their fortunes. Most failed. In Bad Land, Jonathan Raban travels through the unforgiving country that was the scene of their dreams and undoing, and makes their story come miraculously alive.

In towns named Terry, Calypso, and Ismay (which changed its name to Joe, Montana, in an effort to attract football fans), and in the landscape in between, Raban unearths a vanished episode of American history, with its own ruins, its own heroes and heroines, its own hopeful myths and bitter memories. Startlingly observed, beautifully written, this book is a contemporary classic of the American West.

“Exceptional. . . . A beautifully told historical meditation.”

“Championship prose. . . . In fifty years don’t be surprised if Bad Land is a landmark.”
–Los Angeles Times


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“Evelyn Cameron: Montana’s Frontier Photographer” by Kristi Hager

Text by Kristi Hager is a wonderful starter to your adventure of this lady born into a British family who traded the English countryside for austere Eastern Montana badlands. She is well-loved by Prairie County residents for her local photographic images of the life, people, and animals here since 1894. This book showcases 117 of the finest and most fascinating images by this adventurer, homesteader, ranch woman, and great American photographer.


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Photographing Montana
“Photographing Montana 1894-1928: The Life and Work of Evelyn Cameron” by Donna Lucey

“Photographing Montana 1894-1928” Book by Donna Lucey – Winner of the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association Award for Best Non-Fiction Book of 1991, this story of British gentry, Evelyn Cameron and her ornithologist husband Ewen, portrays an exceptional woman ranching on the plains of Eastern Montana, it includes more than 150 photographs of life in Montana from the 1890s through the 1920s and chronicles the wild prairie vastness and life in those years. It’s lauded as essential reading for students of the American frontier and women’s history.


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Since the Days of the Buffalo
“Since the Days of the Buffalo: A History of Eastern Montana and the Kalfell Ranch” by Michael Bugenstein

A history of Eastern Montana and the Kalfell Ranch. Join author Michael Bugenstein as he chronicles the challenges and rewards of ranching on Eastern Montana’s open range, the trials and heartbreak of the Homestead Era, and life on the Kalfell Ranch (established in 1882) near Terry. From the days of the unfenced prairie to the construction of Fort Peck Dam, Bugenstein captures the grit and determination of the people who settled this wide-open land.


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Antler Bottle Toppers
Antler Bottle Toppers

Montana Antlers made into these unique bottle toppers! The wine bottle toppers have corkscrews inside and the whiskey bottle toppers have a shot pourer inside. These fine pieces make any bar beautiful! Truly crowns from local whitetail and mule deer.

Select your preference of antler and type of topper. If we have your preference in stock, we will ship it it to you! If your exact preference isn't available, we will hand-select one of your type that you will be sure to appreciate.

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Bowie or Gut Hook Knives
Antler Bowie or Gut Hook Knife

Montana mule deer or whitetail deer handled knives. These are working, stainless steel knives, and able to be sharpened. Each comes with an antler edge holder for display. They are created by KcCreations – a unique product using natural shed antler.

Select your preference of antler and type of knife. If we have your preference in stock, we will ship it it to you! If your exact preference isn’t available, we will hand-select one of your type that you will be sure to appreciate.

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Antler Bullet Pens
Antler Bullet Pen with Bolt Action

KcCreations Antler Artistry – a unique product using natural shed antlers. These unique bullet, antler pens with bolt action are truly a great office or celebratory gift that will be treasured.

Select your preference of antler and finish. If we have your preference in stock, we will ship it it to you! If your exact preference isn't available, we will hand-select one that you will be sure to appreciate and send it.

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Antler Cribbage Board
Antler Cribbage Board

Local Montana antlers made into cribbage boards! Best gift ever for cribbage players. Pegs are enclosed, so all you need is a standard deck of cards. Local ranchers throw their board in the back of the pickup for after brandings or big gully washers (aka rainstorms). We will hand-select an excellent board for your specific order.


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Montana Backyard Chef XL Plus
Backyard Chef XL Plus

Time for Meat! Time for BBQ! And, what better than a Made in Montana Assortment to please your guests? Two flasks of our Terry Montana Badlands BBQ sauce, Roasted Garlic and rum, or Bourbon are great toppers to any meat or wild game. Our Deep Pit Seasoning is fabulous on wild game, fish, poultry, pork, beef, eggs – really any protein including tofu! We include the Buffalo Dip Recipe that is an internationally awarded dip, Rocky Mountain Gold Dust is a tasty steak and meat seasoning, the Montana Grasslands Mixes Stone Trapper fry bread mix that’s even good as cold leftovers if there are any left from dinner, and Alpine Touch Pepper Blend for extra flavor that works well on vegetables too. Terry Montana’s own Wool Wax Cream, made on a local Terry Montana ranch will help protect you from the elements or prevent chapped hands from all that washing up the tools later! Cowboy Bubble Bath and instructions will make you smile, and the two Caramel Cookie Waffles will keep the hunger at bay as you grill. All these Montana treasure are sprinkled with Wild Huckleberry candies and nestled into a handmade crate by Enduring Pines of Montana which is reusable for years to come. For the new Backyard Chef, we include a handmade feedsack apron and the recipe book Cooking Backwoods to Backyards – a Montana recipe book with instructions for 12 cooking techniques from slab, grill, pit, spit, rock, foil, etc., and recipes with each type of cooking.


  • Two flasks of Montana BBQ sauce
  • three different Montana Seasonings
  • Montana Grasslands Stone Trapper fry bread
  • Montana Wool Wax Cream and Cowboy Bubble bath
  • two Caramel Cookie Waffles
  • Book of Montana cooking techniques and recipes
  • Montana made feed sack apron
  • Top it all off with assorted Montana Berry Taffies in a handmade crate!

Items – 12 without crate and candy


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Montana Big Sky Dinners for two Gift Basket
Big Sky Dinners for Two!

A truly easy and Montana way to please a special couple or perhaps retreat to the campsite for the day!


  • Wild Turkey stew fixin's, use with any cooked white meat
  • Western Trails of Glendive MT local beans, either Pale Rider White Chili or Primordial Soup mix
  • Wild Huckleberry or Montana Flathead Cherry brownies mix for delicious chocolate goodness
  • Montana Bounty Foods Buffalo or Prairie Wheat bread mix-a delicious beer bread mix you can prepare with lemon lime soda pop
  • Montana Wild Chokecherry tea bags to refresh you
  • Montana Wild Huckleberry Coffee-yum!
  • A sprinkle of various individually wrapped Montana Wild Berry candies
  • Two Montana meals for two
  • Both meals are nestled into a handmade Enduring Pines Wooden Crate which is useable for years to come.
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Montana Country Girls Night Off Gift Basket
Country Girls Night Off!

Montana relaxation and luxury at its best! Prepare to be pampered as you splurge with the wonderful scents and textures of Montana Beauty products placed into our exclusive and unique handmade cloth bag with handles (a gift in itself!), created by our own Lynnette.


  • Montana’s premier Windrift Hill Moisturizing Goats Milk Lotion – choose your scent: Huckleberry, Relaxing, Lively Apricot, Fresh, Rain, Beautiful Sandalwood, Eye Opener, Oh Joy or Lovely Lavender.
    > Learn more about our Windrift Hill products
  • Marcha Labs Huckleberry Skin Care Crème, which is made on a Terry, Montana, ranch
    > Learn more about our Marcha Labs products
  • Beautifully scented Montana Huckleberry Votive Candle from Huckleberry Haven
  • Sack of Huckleberry Bath Salts
  • Huckleberry Lip Balm
  • Huckleberry Lip Gloss
  • Beautiful one-of-a-kind Montana Agate Necklace and its Montana Agate Story – the Montana Agate is from the Yellowstone River right out our back yard

Items 7 + bag. (no candy)


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Montana Country Girls Overnighter Gift Basket
Country Girls Overnighter!

A great Montana Overnight bag for a quick sleepover! All the comforts for Montana Beauty, with the wonderful scents and textures of Montana Beauty products placed into our exclusive and unique handmade cloth bag with handles (a gift in itself!), created by our own Lynnette.


  • Montana’s Country Bumpkins set of lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and freshly carved handmade soap bar
  • Montana nail sticker set! With Montana Made nail stickers of the state and various animals like horses, bison, deer, cowboy hats, etc. –  enough for 5 girls
  • Montana made cuticle cream for beautiful nails
  • Rock Creek handmade Lip Balm
    Items 7 + bag. (no candy)


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