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Wild Huckleberry Gift Basket

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For a unique taste in Montana food, this Wild Huckleberry Gift Basket is a sampler of our favorites! This highly sought after berry is desired by two legged critters and especially big old grizzly bears! For your ordering pleasure, we place the items in a wonderful handmade in Montana Enduring Pines crate that is so functional later. We nestle the products in royal purple fill then heap the basket with Wild Huckleberry products.(in cold weather, bottles may be secured for protection in seasonal wrap)


  • Wild Huckleberry Syrup
  • Wild Huckleberry Jelly
  • Wild Huckleberry Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Wild Huckleberry Jelly Beans
  • Wild Huckleberry White Chocolate Bark
  • Wild Huckleberry Honey
  • Wild Huckleberry Coffee
  • Two special Montana Wild Huckleberry packets with four Tea Bags each
  • It's all topped off with Wild Huckleberry candies! Hey, the only way this gets better is eating it under the Big Sky!

Items 9 without crate and candy.

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