“Evelyn Cameron: Montana’s Frontier Photographer” by Kristi Hager

Text by Kristi Hager is a wonderful starter to your adventure of this lady born into a British family who traded the English countryside for austere Eastern Montana badlands. She is well-loved by Prairie County residents for her local photographic images of the life, people, and animals here since 1894. This book showcases 117 of the finest and most fascinating images by this adventurer, homesteader, ranch woman, and great American photographer.


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Photographing Montana
“Photographing Montana 1894-1928: The Life and Work of Evelyn Cameron” by Donna Lucey

“Photographing Montana 1894-1928” Book by Donna Lucey – Winner of the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association Award for Best Non-Fiction Book of 1991, this story of British gentry, Evelyn Cameron and her ornithologist husband Ewen, portrays an exceptional woman ranching on the plains of Eastern Montana, it includes more than 150 photographs of life in Montana from the 1890s through the 1920s and chronicles the wild prairie vastness and life in those years. It’s lauded as essential reading for students of the American frontier and women’s history.


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Evelyn Cameron DVD
Evelyn Cameron: Pictures from a Worthy Life

A history of Eastern Montana and the Kalfell Ranch. Join author Michael Bugenstein as he chronicles the challenges and rewards of ranching on Eastern Montana’s open range, the trials and heartbreak of the Homestead Era, and life on the Kalfell Ranch (established in 1882) near Terry. From the days of the unfenced prairie to the construction of Fort Peck Dam, Bugenstein captures the grit and determination of the people who settled this wide-open land.


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