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Antler Cribbage Board
Antler Cribbage Board

Local Montana antlers made into cribbage boards! Best gift ever for cribbage players. Pegs are enclosed, so all you need is a standard deck of cards. Local ranchers throw their board in the back of the pickup for after brandings or big gully washers (aka rainstorms). We will hand-select an excellent board for your specific order.


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Montana Big Sky Dinners for two Gift Basket
Big Sky Dinners for Two!

A truly easy and Montana way to please a special couple or perhaps retreat to the campsite or stay home for the day!


  • Wild Turkey stew fixin's, use with any cooked white meat
  • Western Trails of Glendive MT local beans, either Pale Rider White Chili or Primordial Soup mix
  • Wild Huckleberry or Montana Flathead Cherry brownies mix for delicious chocolate goodness
  • Montana Bounty Foods Buffalo or Prairie Wheat bread mix-a delicious beer bread mix you can prepare with lemon lime soda pop
  • Montana Wild Chokecherry tea bags to refresh you
  • Montana Wild Huckleberry Coffee-yum!
  • A sprinkle of various individually wrapped Montana Wild Berry candies
  • Two Montana meals for two
  • Both meals are nestled into a seasonally themed box
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Backscratcher & Spool
Hand-painted Spool & Scratcher

These hand painted Montana Back Scratchers are beautiful, functional and fun art! Local artist Bep Schwind, (aka The Bone Lady) prepares the bones of disease-free deceased animals (natural causes) and hand paints western scenes from her experiences and eastern Montana scenery on one side. The artwork is awesome, however the real treasure is the hand painted old time used wooden spools she finds!


  • one hand-painted Back Scratcher
  • one hand-painted Wooden Spool

Each one is unique and worth much more than the bones, but hey, you asked for good deals, right!?!

We also have other hand painted artwork available from Bep Schwind – wall art made from used hand saws and wall hangings made from used sickle teeth, old time ranchers will remember these! For those who wish a Montana Mobile home, we have pictures of sheep wagons! Currently low on stock-please call the store for what is on hand! 406-635-4042

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Kid in a Candy Store Gift Basket
Kid in a Candy Store

No matter the age of your candy lover will find lots of Montana tasty treats to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Into a beautiful, handmade, one-of-a kind cloth bag created by Lynnette here at the store, we place a little over one pound of individually wrapped Montana Candies.

Included MT Candies:

  • Caramel Nougats with Wild Huckleberry Centers or assorted Bequest Caramels
  • Wild Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy
  • Wild Huckleberry Hard Disks
  • A couple Alpine Valley Kitchens handmade Maple Nuts
  • A couple Wild Huckleberry Fudge! YUM!!

(Hint – If Jesse likes blue, Bev loves pink, or if you would prefer a seasonal bag, mention it in the comments when you order)

Items – sacks with individual wrapped pieces-15 taffy, 20 starlites, 18 caramels, 2 maple nut, 2 huckleberry fudge.

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Sweet Tooth Satisfaction
Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Montana sweets for those with a sweet tooth. You don't need a reason to indulge in these Montana favorites!


  • Milk Chocolate River Rocks Sack
  • Wild Huckleberry Licorice Whips
  • Wild Huckleberry Chocolate Candy Bar
  • Salt Water Wild Huckleberry Taffy (individually wrapped so you can share with others!)


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